Trust the future of your organization to the strength and security that only a regional leader with over 28 years of experience offering comprehensive software solutions for insurance and financial product sales and management can provide you.




Focus your company on the important things -your clients and your business growth- and we will take care of your technology needs.


Some of our clients’ success stories

With the implementation of Inworx products, Aon replaced more than 17 systems by a single solution in 9 Latin America countries, overcoming cultural and language barriers and the way business is done in each country.

"Inworx managed to interpret the ATSC (Argentina Technology Service Center) needs, providing us with the support to recruit and train the required professionals."

Eugenio Lanzillotta

No. 4 global broker, we implemented our product Inbroker Re in Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

Inworx solutions were implemented for the insurance and reinsurance broker at a regional level with over 350 people using the platforms that are added in Latin America countries and Spain.

"A company like ours needs strategic partners rather than providers. Smartix is a partner that let us speed up the growth and profitability rate of our sales force and customer service."

Gustavo Fazzio

Member of the Life Insurance market for over 115 years. It uses the Telesoft, Inbroker, and Smartix solutions.

"The provider's vast experience in the industry, its ability to adapt the model and functions to the internal demands of our company, determined our decision to work with Inworx."

Gonzálo Fontichelli – IT Manager Renault Credit RCI Banque.

"Inworx Group is a strategic partner that understands the insurance brokering business and provides us with innovation in our processes, thus generating service and transparency for our insureds. That is the real added value."

Andres Parra, Vicepresidente de CPO y Productos Financieros

Working for over 20 years with Inbroker and Inbroker Re products at a regional level.

8 years working with Inworx. We implemented the Customer Care, Search, Sales and Market Research modules. There are currently 1700 contact centers positions using the CRM solution.

No. 1 Broker in Bahamas.

Thanks to the implementation of the SOFIA Project over 250 users from different areas can now share information. The solution includes the Inbroker, Smartix, BPM, and Telesoft products.

We Solve.

We optimize the communication and management among insurance industry players through technology to stimulate responsible economic development and improve people life quality.

Regardless of the size of the challenge that we take up, we work to find the best (simple, quick, transparent) way to solve it with originality and efficiency. This is the entrepreneurial spirit that defines us and what makes us industry leaders.

years of experience with companies throughout Latin America.
users in 15 countries.

News & Insights

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Business breakfast in Mexico City

Wednesday, March 15, 2017|0 Comments

On March 2nd, with the support of the Argentine Embassy in Mexico, we held a meeting in which senior executives from insurance and financial companies were present. On this occasion our clients were able to […]

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Participation in TV: Pool Económico

Tuesday, January 24, 2017|0 Comments

We participated in the TV program on Economy, Insurance and Banks ¨Pool Económico¨ that is broadcast every Tuesday at 11:00 pm on channel Metro.
See the complete program by clicking here.

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